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Although nowhere near built to the quality standards of German and Japanese rangefinders of the era, it offered most of the same features at prices significantly cheaper than imported. Many thanks to Mr. What is the range of Argus C4 35mm? It had one of the best implementations of a viewfinder with superimposed rangefinder, an easy film load concept and a hot shoe for attaching and connecting a flash without cable.

· Argus had a telephoto lens available as early as 1939, but the wide angle Sandmar didn’t make it’s debut until spring 1953 at a price of . It had a roll of film in it too! Argus Autronic ISort of a big &39;60s space age C3 with many strange features. Anyway, it worked for a few shots, then pop, no more shutter operation. Argus C4 35mm Camera with Case and Instruction Manual 20thCenturyCamera. It has a removable back for film loading similar to old Contax/Leica and Russian copies of those cameras.

A2F with accessory shoe. · ↑An Argus profile in the September, 1956 Popular Photography (Vol. What is Argus C4? Argus C4 instruction manual, user manual. 4Mb Courtesy ACG Member Tom Heckhaus Argus C3 Lens Changing Manual Courtesy of ACG Member Phil Sterritt (See also Sandmar Lens Manuals) Argus Match-Matic C3 Shutter/Aperture Settings Repairing your C3 Courtesy of ACG Member David Gaon US Army Service Manual How to Repair & Clean. Make settings by rotating the Aperture Ring until the desired opening is opposite the index mark. , San Francisco, 1954.

The C4 design is an improvement over the Argus 21 Markfinder, which did not have a coupled rangefinder. Ironically, one complaint about Argus systems in general has been their interchangeable lenses. added interchangeable lenses to create the Argus C-44, here shown with its lenses, made by Steinheil, but branded Cintagon C44 and Steinheil-made lenses.

If the image below looks like your camera, click below to. See full list on mattsclassiccameras. Aeone Communications, Doylestown (Pennsylvania),. TO re-adjust Aperture Ring setting without changing focus, hold the Rangefinder Dial with thumb while making new setting. The Argus C4 is a coupled rangefinder camera with a somewhat limited set of shutter speeds and a 50mm f/2. The whole thing comes apart with just flat-blade screwdrivers, typical of early Argus and Kodak, none of this crazy spanner stuff for these ol. · Mike Butkis has a Argus C-4 camera manual you can download for .

I know it&39;s a cheap camera, but it&39;s in such nice shape I think it deserves a. · The Argus C4 is a 35mm fixed lens, couple rangefinder manufactured by Argus, Inc. At first, this demand was met by a Geiss -modified version of the C4, known as the Argus C4 Geiss, that could accept Lithagon lenses. C4 with 42mm Pentax screw mount. Argomania: A look at Argus cameras and the company that made them. 8 Argus Cintar: Color-corrected, hard-coated anastigmat F-stops: F:2. Argus C-3 instruction manual.

The c-four was itself succeeded by the more collectible but reportedly less user-friendlyc-forty-four, which uses very nice German Cintagon lenses. 50 (5 in dollars). Argus C4 There are other variants and cameras made by Argus, but the main-line of the evolution, in my opinion. The Argus’s mount is a simple screw mount with a diameter of about 33mm, but with the coupled rangefinder gear present on the Argus C2 and all later models, swapping lenses is a little tricky. It also notes that serial numbers between, originally produced in October 1956, were duplicated in December 1956 production.

What is a C4 camera? The next page contains information on this camera. There exists an uncommon version of the c-four that has interchangeable lenses, it’s known as the ‘Geiss-modified c-four’ and can be spotted by a telltale lever on the right of the lens mount.

Listing of different Argus instruction manuals in PDF format; Books. I&39;ll do a separate post later today of the Argus C4 shots. This Leica wannabe is essentially a C4 with the inclusion of interchangeable lenses, something the C4 lacked, except for an aftermarket version modified to accept Geiss interchangeable lens. But the Geiss company of Chicago customized C4 cameras for interchangeable lenses which.

I was kind of amazed that it had a real hot shoe considering the age and simplicity argus c4 manual of this fully manual camera – it fires my little Pentax 160AF very consistently, however the shoe itself is very tight and I would probably bend the wings up a little if this were a frequent user. It was a minor revision of the Argus C2, adding flash sync sockets to the side of the camera. Argoflex E modified to accept 828 roll film. 26 threaded adapter, for Series VI filters. Looking closer I saw that it was in focus, just never on my intended subject. ,1954 C C4) and manuals (e. If shooting that close give yourself some room for error and move the scene within an imaginary parallax bright frame, I think we all know what they look like by now. Takes very nice pictures with its sharp coated Cintar lens.

When I got my first one there was a very old roll of color film inside, and the chemicals had caused corrosive buildup on the aluminum wind spool. · It was very popular in the 1950s and Argus sold over 300,000 of them (Wiki). However this model became Argus&39;s runaway success story, staying in production through 1966 with only minor changes. I go over the operation of an Argus C3 as well as how to calibrate the rangefinder on an Argus C3.

C3 film camera pdf manual download. It had a modern design, but no interchangeable lenses. com for excellent information on Argus cameras including neat old advertisements (e.

I cleaned off as much of it as I could with vinegar and then scraped off the rest with emery cloth till it was smooth and corrosion-free. Argus C-3 Posted 4-17-&39;05. . I did take it apart (easier in fact than the C3 for getting at the shutter & rangefinder) and cleaned the rangefinder mechanism with ether, and cleaned all the glass and metal with Windex. It’s a little pitted but perfectly functional. I tested the rangefinder at all marks between feet and found it to be off by several feet.

Get the best deals for argus c4 geiss at eBay. · The Argus C4 is an all-metal camera with a metal shutter – despite this, it’s a light camera. A2B ready for remote control. The shutter release is in front. Price in 1957 Sears Camera Catalog was . ~ Free eBook Picture Making With The Argus C3 C4 A4 A Working Manual ~ Uploaded By Erskine Caldwell, picture making with the argus c3 c4 a4 jacob deschin picture making with the argus c3 c4 a4 a working manual 1st ed by jacob deschin published 1954 by camera craft pub co in san francisco written in english theres no. Discussion in &39;Classic Manual Cameras&39; started by royall_berndt,.

Each setting admits twice as much. A3 with Kodak lens & Compur shutter. Now, my first test roll came back all out of focus. Smallest Largest opening—f:2.

In the 1950s, Argus sold over 300,000 Argus C4 35mm rangefinder cameras. Simple, handsome and rugged, it’s got a great comfortable feel like the German and Russian classics at a significantly smaller price. Argus C4 35mm rangefinder camera – front view The camera has a rather distinctive argus c4 manual design, with the focus coupling cogs visible on the front of the camera rather than being hidden away within the camera body. ISBNX. The shutter speed dial is on the front of the camera, though I do have to warn you that the C4 has limited shutter speeds: 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/300, and Bulb. GAMBINO, Henry J. Original box, manual, flash, it even had the original batteries in the flash in well preserved shape. The first product of.

Your Argus C4 gives you a choice of 7 settings. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1955 ARGUS c4 35mm Camera Instruction Owner&39;s Manual Book Aperture Lens Focusing at the best online prices at eBay! Argus C3&39;s wiki: The Argus C3 was a low-priced rangefinder camera mass-produced from 1939 to 1966 by Argus in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.

See more ideas about Camera, Rangefinder camera, Rangefinder. The popularity of the camera led to consumer demand for an interchangeable lens version. Larose; An 8x11 sheet with a back cross (6x9 and 1 ½ thick sides) drawn with black ink marker; Spring loaded wrench used for removing C rings Parts for the C3. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items!

The Argus C4 is a 35mm fixed lens, couple rangefinder manufactured by Argus, Inc. Forums > Equipment > Classic Manual Cameras > Argus C4 repair? I realized while testing that the external gears were slipping, something I wasn’t sure if I could fix. . Manual air pump; A small amount of rodico putty from S.

Strange, that – I’ve found more often than not that pre-1970 cameras won’t fire my. Argus C3 User Manual argus c4 manual Argus Matchmatic C3 User Manual PDF Format, 1. Argus sold over 300,000 Argus C4 35mm rangefinder cameras in the 1950s. Manufactured from 1951 to 1957, this 35mm rangefinder camera is fitted with a Cintar 50mm f/3. steve_mareno, 1.

View and Download Argus C3 how to use manual online. ) but there is an actual hotshoe, activated by an M-F switch beneath the eyepiece. Picture making with the Argus C3, C4, A4: A working manual. If argus c4 manual the image below looks like your camera.

6, 8, 11, 16, 22 Hyperfocal distance: 57 feet 8 inches at f:2. Argus A with modified focus. · The whole Argus Model 21/C4/C44/C44R series was quite successful, being produced from 1948 – 1962 making it the second longest line of cameras made by Argus. Argus C4 instruction manual on Mike Butkus&39; excellent website. Argus A ready for 4x5. 8 maximum aperture lens. Don’t bother trying to focus with your finger on the distance wheel — unlike the C3 it’s mucheasier to focus the c-four by simply rotating the lens barrel. From shop 20thCenturyCamera.

Norwood of the ACG for donating the appliqué for the range finder dial and the speed control dial. Argus C-20 Argus C-33 Argus 21 Argus C-2 Argus Autronic I Argus C-3 Lens Accessories Argus Autronic II Argus C-4 LITHAGON lenses Argus Minca 28: Argus Mansfield : Argus: Argus Autronic 35 Argus CM2 Coupled Exposure Meter. Argus C4 Posted 10-9-&39;04. Argus C4 Manual shutter is open. What this means is that at around 4′ you start to see a noticeable difference between what you framed and what arrives on film, and at 3′ it becomes a pronounced effect (heads cut off, etc).

This camera, though not as sought-after as the c-forty-four, is supposedly much mor. The Argus c-four is the very worthy successor to the once-popular C3. Shutter speeds are limited to 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, and 1/300 (kind of like a FED! Library of Congress.

8 Field covered: 27 x 40 degrees at infinity Resolving power: 120 lines/mm at center of field. I recently came into possession of an immaculate Argus C4. Argus A with remote control Agfa lens.

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